ANTOINE-LOUIS BARYE: French bronze of a Retriever with duck, c.1845-55.

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A small and fine quality French bronze figure of a dog (retriever) retrieving a duck.

This is quite an early example by the famous ‘Animalier’ Antoine-Louis Barye (1795-1875) – A fine model of a retriever having just pounced upon its captive Duck. The dog has one (left) front paw upon the duck and has it’s mouth open about to bite down on the ducks neck.

The base is integral to the bronze figure, the top portraying ground cover, stones etc. The signature ‘Barye’ appears on the top right hand rear corner, on the ground underneath the tail. Antoine always signed this way. He made his son sign either “A. Barye, fils” or “Alf Barye” to avoid confusion. This makes this an early example. The base is covered in a red velvet/baize to protect any surface it sits upon.

Antoine-Louis BARYE and his son ALFRED BARYE (1839-1882) were seen as two of the originators of the ‘Animalier movement’ in Paris. Examples such as this are much sought after. Many of their works are exhibited in museums and galleries to this day.

Dimensions:  w:  4.5 inches   h:  3.2 inches   d: 2.5 inches  (11.5 x 8 x 6.5 cms).

Dated: c.1845-55