Karl Feiertag – Pair Of Charming Watercolours of Children at play

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A charming PAIR of watercolours by Karl FEIERTAG: “Two on a Swing” and “Pushing the Swing” in their original mounts and frames. These cheerful paintings depict children laughing as they play on a swing in the garden of their home. They retain their original bright colours and both are signed lower right corners.

Dimensions: 22ins x 18ins (56 x 45.5cms) including their frames.

The Artist: Karl FEIERTAG (1874-1944) was Austrian by birth. He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with Franz Rumpler, Kasimir Pochwalski, and Josef Mathias Trenkwald. He worked for various advertising companies in Vienna and Munich and moved to Weidling with his wife. In 1914 he became a member of the Association of Local Artists Klosterneuburg. Feiertag’s work includes landscapes and cityscapes. His postcards with children’s motifs, animal motifs, puppets, and teddy bears were hugely popular. For the Viennese art postcard publisher Brothers Kohn, he created a series with views and scenes on board the Trieste Austro-Americana ship Martha Washington. He also designed children’s colouring books

Dated: c.1920

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