Framed Late 18th/early 19th century Marine Oil Painting. George Webster (fl.1797-1832)

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A late 18th / early 19th century gilt-framed marine oil painting, believed to be by George Webster, although apparently unsigned.

The painting features a coastal scene with small sailing vessels at low tide. People have gathered around one such craft and a small sailing vessel operates nearby. There is a further larger vessel out to sea in the far distance.

The condition of the painting, there is extensive wearing in places, the paint is thin. The rest is very dark and would benefit from a clean. The frame is generally in excellent condition and because of the label on the back with proveneace referring to the artist, with dates, should be treated carefully.

The Artist: A label verso indicates that the painting was painted by George Webster (fl. 1797-1832). Disappointingly little is known about this excellent artist, whose style is distinctive and whose pictures are full of the drama of the sea. His address when he first exhibited in 1797 was Temple bar (London), but by 1806 he had moved to the Angel Islington, where he remained. His first picture to be hanged in The Royal Academy was in 1826. He also exhibited at the British Institution between 1816-1832. In 1801 he showed a view of the Gold Coast “taken on the spot” and in 1821 a Dutch view and another of Mount Lebanon. Implying that he travelled extensively. The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich has a small painting of a two-decker leaving Portsmouth, and a larger canvas of an East Indiaman off Dover. (see The Dictionary of Sea Painters by EHH Archibald p. 198 and plate 364 for similar on p.346).

Frame dimensions:  W: 20 inches x H: 17 inches (51 x 43 cm)

Dated:  c.1800