Bronze Imperial Half-Gallon Measure, 1835, County of Lancaster

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A superb example of a bronze Imperial Half-Gallon measure, stamped for the County of Lancaster – 1835.  First proof stamp for 1832.

Condition: Beautifully polished and in excellent original condition. All the proof stamps are clearly visible around the rim and to the base.

These beautiful objects have a rich history, originally being the official measure by which all market traders were assessed for accuracy against the national standard. Should any trader supply short measures they would be taken to court. It was deemed highly anti-social and the expression being ‘named and shamed’ started here. Being put into the stocks with locals throwing rotten tomatoes and other salad objects often the next step. Imprisonment or even banishment to the colonies the penalty for persistent and/or serious offenders. Nowadays these measures are being sold off by the various Councils to raise vital funds. This set is numbered 620 and made by De Graves of London. Their new life means many are being utilised as ‘Wine Coolers or (depending on the size of the measure) for Dried Flower arrangements… A stunning show-piece for any home.

Measurements:   Height: 15.6cm. Diameter: 15.5cm.    Weight: 2.76 Kgs.

Date:   First proof stamp on the base is for 1832.    Maker: De Graves of London.


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