Auguste Moreau (1834-1917): Large bronze nude entitled “La Viseur” (The Reader)

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Auguste Moreau: A good and quite large bronze figure entitled “La Viseur” (The Reader) portraying a young near-naked woman seated on a rock reading her book, whilst being interrupted by a pair of small birds down and to her left. Signed to the rocks just below the birds to her left.. Standing on a marble-effect wooden base.

Condition: Excellent, with good light brown colour.

Height 18 inches (45.8cm).   Weight: 7.8 kgs

Date: 1901-1905

Auguste Moreau (1834-1917) was a French Sculptor, born in Paris. His brother was the famous sculptor Mathurin Moreau; His father (sculptor/painter) Jean Baptiste Moreau. Auguste was educated at the renowned Beaux-Arts-de-Paris and was a prolific sculptor himself, specifically of young women. In 1861 he made his debut at the Paris Salon, where he exhibited regularly until 1914.