Victorian watercolour – Framed Oval Portrait of a Young Spanish Girl – John Phillip RA (1817-67)

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A charming oval watercolour portrait painting of a young Spanish woman wearing a black dress with a lace collar and holding a flower to her hair. Entitled “Spanish Girl”, and painted by John Phillip RA.

Framed in a rectangular gilt and green velvet frame and gold slip with oval cutout.

Apparently unsigned. But a label verso indicates it is painted by John Phillip RA. (1817-1867). Sometimes known as “Spanish” because of his success in painting Spanish subjects. He exhibited at the RA between 1838-67. His style is firm, broad and confident. His colours strong and luminous. The subject matter of his pictures is usually simple and straightforward, although his Spanish scenes at times have a picture postcard flavour. Further details can be found on pages 367-8 of “The Dictionary of Victorian Painters” (2nd edition) by Christopher Wood.

Condition: Framed behind glass, colours still vibrant – No damage apparent. In excellent condition.

Dated: Victorian, c.1835-45.