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A particularly fine and superior quality GAMES COMPENDIUM in excellent complete condition. The box itself is of well-figured coromandel wood and opens to reveal the satinwood lined interior, with a multitude of games. These include: a complete set of white and red-stained chessmen; full set of red and white backgammon and draughts pieces; cribbage and whist boards (spillikans in compartments under each); circular “hand” trick counters; full set of six dice and the full set of red and white bone pegs.

The button at the rear opens the spring-loaded lower drawer, again lined in satinwood and containing 2 full packs of original Victorian playing cards; 2 packs of original Bezique cards; pair of boxwood dice shakers and various red and white counters.   Within the lid is the superb coromandel wood chess, draughts and backgammon board, inlaid with ivory and tulipwood and in mint condition. A wonderful and complete Games compendium. 13ins wide.