Superb quality Morocco Leather Writing Box by W & J Milne, Edinburgh

Price: £1350
Stock No. 1147/2021/QSA


An outstanding quality Morocco leather cased writing/stationery box with bright red leather interior, made by the famous firm of box-makers W & J Milne of 126 Princes Street, Edinburgh.

Fully closed, the black Morocco leather case is ornately decorated with gilt embossed and tooled borders to the top, front, sides and back surfaces. The rear panel also includes an embossed gilt makers stamp. The top has a gilt brass decorated rectangular recessed handle.

Comes with original working Bramah key and lock.

Open the lid and you are confronted with the mint condition bright red tooled leather interior. A further makers stamp between the hinges. The three sections comprise two writing surfaces, one leather, one velvet both bordered with gilt tooled borders. The brasswork is without exception heavily etched with scrolls and foliage. The third section comprises a red-leather stationery store, for envelopes, paper, notes etc. Rectangular slots with storage tabs for quills, pens and a letter opener. There is further storage underneath, in a red leather lined compartment. The velvet covered writing surface lifts to reveal a storage section underneath lined in gilt-embossed red leather, and a criss-cross storage panel for notes.

There are various tools including quills, nibs, letter opener, two inkwells,

The firm of W. & J. Milne of 126 Princes Street, Edinburgh (in business from 1844 to c.1905) were celebrated ‘box makers’ in fancy wood, leather and ivory and registered patents for some of their products. They had a key craft skill developed over several generations of family involvement in leather as book bindings and for pocket book making and therefore focused their own workshop activities in these areas, buying in components such as glass or silverwares from other suppliers

Dated: c.1870-1890