Royal Worcester porcelain figure – “Winter” (3340) dated 1941

Price: £120
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A Royal Worcester figure by Gwendoline Parnell entitled “Winter” (3340). Painted in red cloak, white apron, with ermine hand warmer (muff) and mauve dress underneath. First produced in 1941, this example is date stamped with Royal Worcester puce mark 1941!!

Condition: No chips, cracks or excessive wear. Paint work in good condition, no scuffs.

Dimensions: Height: 5 inches (12.5 cm)

Date: 1941.

Modeller: Gwendoline Parnell, whose Grandmother was one of the Ladies in Waiting to Queen Victoria, had a studio in Chelsea producing pottery figures from 1916 to 1935 and subsequently worked for the Royal Worcester Company. She was ALWAYS very well dressed, rather in the Victorian style, and carried a parasol. She was known as ‘The Duchess’. She liked the painter to put the initials “GMP” under the base of the figures she modelled.