Royal Worcester Candle Extinguisher Mrs Caudle (shape 72) dated 1893

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Royal Worcester Candle ‘Extinguisher’ (snuffer) in the form of Mrs Caudle (shape 72) painted predominantly in cream with pale blue ribbon and with naturalistic colours for face and hair. Date stamped (green stamp) for 1893.

In perfect condition, no chips, cracks or signs of repair. Any wear, and there isn’t much, is consistant with age.

Mr Caudle and his wife were characters originated by Douglas Jerrold for Punch magazine. Produced from 1855 to the 1950s and was, for a short run, reproduced in 1976. This style of candle ‘snuffer’ came about following the invention of candle wicks that no longer needed cutting after each use, in so doing making the previous scissor action candle extinguishers virtually redundant.

Date: 1893 (Royal Worcester date stamp)