HRH Crown Prince Frederick III of Germany – Oil on Canvas “A Venetian Lady” 1877.

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Interesting provenance: A framed oil on canvas (behind glass) of a Venetian Lady, painted by HRH Crown Prince Frederick of Germany.

Fully inscribed verso to the effect that this is a copy of a picture in Potsdam Palace, probably by a Venetian master. It was later presented by the Crown Princess to a friend (name indecipherable, but looks like “Boque Courtenay Bell“) on June 16th 1877.

** Crown Prince Frederick (born 1831) Became German Emporer and King of Prussia for 99 days between March and June 1888, during the year of three Emperors. Known informally as Fritz, he was the only son of Emperor Wilhelm I and was raised in his family’s tradition of military service. He hated warfare and was praised by friends and enemies alike for his ‘humane conduct’. He was born and lived at the New Palace Potsdam and died there aged 56 of cancer of the Larynx.  He married Princess Royal Victoria (1840-1901) the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Dimensions:  Frame: height: 27 inches  width: 21 inches (69 x 53.4 cms)  Image:  21 inches x 15 inches (53.4 x 38 cms)

Dated: 1877.