Frederick H. Henshaw – Oil painting on canvas – “Rural Landscape” (Signed, dated 1841)

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A charming gilt-framed oil painting on canvas by well known Birmingham based artist Frederick Henry Henshaw (1807-1891). It depicts a rural landscape with a young couple (presumably farmers/shepherds) tending to their sheep in a field, surrounded by a wooded landscape and far reaching views beyond.

Signed to the bottom right corner and dated 1841.

Dimensions (including frame): 20 x 24 inches.

*** Frederick Henry Henshaw (1807-1891) *** was a Birmingham based artist who produced largely landscapes, portraits and animal figures. He was inspired by the countyside paintings of John Constable and JMW Turner although he was a pupil of J.V. Barber. He travelled extensively throughout Europe, in particular Germany, Switzerland and Italy, during which time he painted several continental views. But his love was for English Countryside, mostly in the Midlands, Wales and Scotland where he often painted woodland, which he was aware was being rapidly taken over by industry and modern farming. Works by him are exhibited at Glasgow and Birmingham art galleries but he also exhibited in London (1829-64) at the Royal Academy, the British Institute and Suffolk Street (Society of British Artists) and Birmingham Society of Artists. (Ref: The Dictionary of Victorian Painters – 2nd edition – p.218, by Christopher Wood). A further illustration is contained alphabetically towards the back of the dictionary for comparison.