Early French Carriage Clock by LeRoy et Fils, Paris. c.1855

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An early French Carriage Clock, in a one-piece case, signed on the edge of the backplate by LeRoy et Fils (Paris) and numbered 3101.

The original 8-day movement strikes hours and half-hours on a bell. The one-piece case is very much in the style of Paul Garnier(*). Silvered dial; early Breguet “moon” hands and front-raising glass panel, (very much a Paul Garnier feature). The shuttered rear door enables winding and time adjustment through shuttered key holes, thus preventing excessive drying out and dust.

LeRoy et Fils were well-known clock makers in their own right. (*) Paul Garnier was the “father” of French Carriage Clock makers whose clocks are rare and sought after. This clock could have some association to Garnier but bearing the LeRoy stamp, we cannot prove it! What is more likely is that they both shared the same clock case supplier. In these early days makers were known to experiment with different ideas to help distinguish them from other makers.

Dimensions:   H: 14.5 cm (Handle up) W: 9 cm D: 7 cm

Date: c.1855