Beautiful Burr-Yew Writing Box of Wonderful Colour

Price: £1350
Stock No. 1146/2021/QSA


A really beautiful Burr-Yew Writing Box of wonderful colour. Comprising three sections, the engraved brass banded and edged lid opens to reveal a fully fitted interior, comprising thee porcelain ‘note’ panels for pencil notes, two original inkwells, pen and stamp trays and in the lid a stationery compartment with sections for envelopes and an ivory letter opener.

The stationery compartment itself opens to reveal a secret storage area behind.

The porcelain panelled section opens to reveal two blue velvet covered writing surfaces. Each of which opens (one spring loaded, the other lock and key) for paper storage.

Both original keys (outer and inner locks) present and working. This is a superior quality box and in superb condition throughout.

Width:  38cm  Height: 16cm  Depth: 25.5cm