An Impressive bronze Imperial PECK Measure, County of Wilts, Dated 1836

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A bronze imperial PECK County Measure by the makers De Grave, London. Dated 1836 and commissioned for the County of Wiltshire.

This highly polished bronze measure is stamped to one side by the makers De Grave of London, with ‘County of Wilts’, ‘Imperial PECK’ below, together with the date ‘1836’ and the set number, ‘No.2’ ‘1288’. There are various annual assay stamps around the upper edge, which serve to prove the age stamped on the side. It has two solid bronze integral handles, making it easier to carry (9.7 kgs) and virtually indestructable.

Bronze measures such as this were used by County Weights and Measures officials during inspections to Marketplaces throughout the British Isles to verify accurate apportionment of grain and other market traded goods by Market Traders. To short measure was deemed one of the ultimate antisocial behaviours and punishable by hefty fines and imprisonment, in extreme circumstances even banishment to the Colonies.

Today, as well as being very collectable items and interesting talking points, measures are often being used decoratively either for dried flower arrangements, or as giant ice buckets for parties. There, now you know you NEED one!

Dated: 1836            Weight:  9.70 kgs