Price: £14,500
Stock No. 5125/k

The Haig Toilet Service: a large, very fine quality and comprehensive 19th century Gentleman’s Travelling Toilet Cabinet in superb original condition. The ebonised box itself is decorated with profuse brass scrollwork and two large engraved handles, one to either side. The lid is inlaid with the Haig crest and the initials “J.R.H” for James Richard Haigh.

This lid opens to reveal an astonishing array of heavy silver-topped bottles, jars and many other items all with engine-turned decoration and cast, chased foliate borders of the highest quality. These include (but are not limited to) a ewer with separate handle; solid silver basin; a shaving pot and stand with removable handle and lower burner; circular dish and inner silver-topped bottle; four silver-mounted cologne bottles with screw-off covers; five circular toilet jars; three oblong toilet jars; superb shaving brush (badger hair in mint condition!) and so on…

Within the basin can be found a large velvet-lined tray complete with all of its original tools and implements intact (most with fine mother-of-pearl handles), including: pair of razors; corkscrews; scissors; penknives; a toothbrush and many other items all in mint condition.  To the left side, below a tray of three toilet jars is a hidden box which contains writing equipment including two silver-topped inkwells; superb silver pen & propelling pencil; mother-of-pearl letter opener; etc., whilst below the large central silver basin can be found various original brushes all engraved with the Haig family crest.

Within the lid is a substantial shield-shaped silver plated mirror which may be supported on its hinged easel or hung from a hook, together with an engine-turned oval hand mirror, also engraved with the Haig family crest. Amongst other features  (too numerous to list all here) are two (very) secret drawers. The silver items are French, maker’s mark J.D with a duck between (circa 1870) whilst many of the tools and implements are English, particularly the Sheffield-made razors and penknives.  (*This box would have been made specifically to order, almost certainly in France, with the finest quality contents made and sourced including English steel items from Sheffield which were considered the finest in the world). The (large and very heavy) box measures: 19ins (48.5cms) wide. Circa 1870.

** Provenance: James Richard Haig (died 1896) of Blairhill, Scottish Lowlands and Highfield Park, Sussex and thence by descent through the Clan Haig family (motto:”Tyde What May”) members of which included distillers of Haig whisky and 1st Earl Field Marshall Douglas Haig who commanded with distinction in the First World War.