A. Margaine: A good repeating Carriage clock, c1890-1900

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Stock No. 1155/2021/QSA

A. Margaine: A good repeating Carriage clock of relatively small size. Originally retailed by T. Martin, 151 Regent Street, London.

The 8-day movement retains its original platform lever escapement, with plenty of power evident in the action. It strikes hours and half-hours on a gong, repeating hours at will via the upper button. The enamel dial is undamaged with no cracks or chips, although the later painted retailer details have faded. Blued steel moon hands, roman numerals with diamond quarter marks and bevelled glass, throughout, including an oval top panel, all undamaged.

The plain (undecorated) ‘Corniche’ case and mechanism bare the same serial number 9591. Together with his trademark ‘Beehive’ symbol and initials ‘AM’ to the rear backplate, just above the serial number.

Margaine (full name Francoise Auguste MARGAINE) was a name synonymous with beautiful carriage clocks towards the end of the 19th Century. The firm was based at 22 Rue Beranger (and also Rue de Bondy 54). The trademark was of a Beehive in the form of a clock, flanked by the initials “A.M”. Margaine received a silver medal for Pendules de Voyage at the Paris exhibition of 1878 

Dimensions:       Height11 cm (handle down) 14.5 cm (handle up)   Depth: 7.5 cm   Width8 cm