Late 19th century coromandel-wood fitted Sewing Box of small size

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Stock No. 1179/2022/QSA


A fine quality Coromandel-wood fitted sewing box of small size. This rectangular box made by the famous box maker Lund, of 24 Fleet Street, London has a fitted interior lined in finest blue silk.

The inside of the lid houses six tools most with MOP handles. There are four MOP winders, a hallmarked silver thimble, a pin cushion and various spaces for needle packs within the main compartment plus a small subsidiary lidded compartment housing a tape measure.

Excellent condition.

Dimensions:       Width: 11 inches (28cm).    Depth: 4 inches (10cm).    Height: 2.5 inches (6.2cm)

Date:                       c.1860-80