Leroy et Fils – Rare and Unusual Repeating Carriage Clock with Patented Bottom Wind

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Leroy et Fils: A very good and quite rare French Repeating Carriage Clock by this famous maker with its patented bottom wind key built in to the case of the clock.

The eight-day movement strikes hours and half-hours on a gong and retains its original high-quality platform lever escapement complete with repeat button on the top.

A rare clock, with a patented winding mechanism from Leroy & Fils (Paris) which was quite ingenious. The large winding key is permanently affixed to the base. Turned in one direction, it will wind the going side of the clock, in the other direction it will wind the strike side. Thus a forwards/ backwards wrist motion winds both sides. And there is no need to find the key first. This design was patented by Leroy (patent number 9501), and the key is so signed.  Numbered case 5652.


Date: c.1880