19th Century Music Box of small size in Burr Yew-wood case playing 6 ‘Airs’

Price: £750
Stock No. 1214/2022/qsa


A delightful late 19th century Burr Yew-wood cased music box, possibly Swiss, playing 6 beautiful Airs on a single roll.

The case is veneered in finest burr yew with boxwood and dark mahogany panels. The start/stop sliding button sits on the front face. The tune selector switch sits on the left face. The winding key is located underneath. There is an (undecipherable) inscription handwritten on the base. The lid features a blank shield shaped plaque and lifts to reveal the glass cased interior with mechanics inside.

Sold in perfect working order. All tips are sharp and present on the single comb. There do not appear to be any pins missing on any tunes. Plays beautifully and is proving to be a much admired item of stock.

It plays the following six tunes (some of the handwriting is difficult to interpret, so apologies for what might seem like errors):

  • Carmen (Polka)
  • Suvet Sinten (Waltz)?
  • Mary Kelly’s Beau
  • Beautiful H??
  • Fishershorn? Pipe?
  • Iolante No.8 Trio Sullivan

Dimensions:   w: 17.3cm   h: 8cm   d:10cm

Dated: c.1860-80