19th century Burr Yew-wood Tea Caddy with single Tea Canister & Blue-Glass Sugar Bowl

Price: £750
Stock No. 1216/2022/qsa


A fine quality burr yew-wood single Tea Caddy with removable yew-wood canister with hinged lid and blue glass (Bristol?) sugar bowl.

The box is made of finely figured yew wood and consists of a lidded outer box. The lid, when opened, reveals two containers within. The largest, a yew-wood tea canister can be removed from its tightly fitting housing. It has its own hinged lid, when opened reveals the tea container which retains remnants of its original lead lining paper. The second container is circular and houses a completely undamaged blue-glass sugar bowl (no chips or scratches).

Superb condition, complete with working key.

Measurements:  height: 15 cm    width:  25 cm   depth: 15.5 cm

Date:  c.1860-70.