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1519/17: A fine quality late 18th century satinwood TEA CADDY of elongated octagonal shape. Veneered overall in satinwood, this pretty caddy is inlaid with an oval "batswing" panel to the lid, with marquetry columns on green-stained harewood backgrounds flanking the front which also features a "batswing" panel. It is crossbanded in rosewood whilst the lid opens to reveal some of the original lead lining. A desirbale little caddy. c.1790

18thcentury, Caddy, object, tea


1516/17: A good early 19th century cube TEA CADDY veneered overall in finely figured satinwood. Multiple banding in boxwood and tulipwood can be found on all sides and the base is inlaid with chequered 'dogs tooth' marquetry. The lid opens to reveal fine veneers to the inside, and the original inner lid with most of its original lead lining intact. A good quality caddy. (12 x 12 x 12.5cms) c.1830

Caddy, object, satinwood, tea


1513/17: A good quality early 19th century cube TEA CADDY veneered overall in fine burr yew-wood. The lid and front are both inlaid with oval "batswing" paterae, whilst the edges are all finished in solid boxwood. The lid, with its axehead handle, opens to reveal an inner lid and some of the original lead lining. 12 x 11 x 9.5cms. c.1820

Caddy, object, tea, yew


1491/17: A pretty early 19th century inlaid TEA CADDY of cube shape. At first glance perhaps nothing special, but on closer examination, it can been seen to be inlaid on all four sides and the lid with beautiful birds (to either side); butterflies (to front and back) and with a conch shell to the lid. The quality of these marquetry panels is superb ~ all are set within figured mahogany with tulipwood crossbanding. A charming tea caddy. c.1820

Caddy, marquetry, object, tea


1400/17: An attractive late 18th/early 19th century Sheraton period TEA CADDY of elongated octagonal shape. Veneered overall in figured sycamore (or perhaps fiddle-back mahogany) it is inlaid with pretty oval panels of English flowers to the lid and three front panels. It opens to reveal a divided interior and the original lead lining. 7.5ins wide; 5ins high; 4.25ins deep (19 x 13 x 11cms) c.1800

Caddy, object, Sheraton, tea