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1652/18: An attractive set of Victorian period POSTAL SCALES complete with their full set of original graduated brass weights. Mounted on a brass-bound oval onyx base, the oval pans are applied with initials (perhaps of the owner?) whilst the weights sit within a brass frame embossed with postal information. Excellent condition. 7ins x 5.5ins x 5.5ins high (18 x 14 x 14cms) c.1880

object, postal, scales


1588/17: A rare set of late 19th century Mauchlinware POSTAL SCALES in perfect condition. These are of the collectable "Tartanware" design (McDuff tartan) and are complete with brass weights. 7.25ins wide; 5ins deep; 4.5ins high. (18.5 x 12.5 x 11.5cms) *Mauchline is a small town in South-West Scotland, which became famous in the mid-19th century for the production of boxware and other tourist items using local wood, usually sycamore. The faithful reproduction of genuine tartans as decoration is especially popular with some collectors who specialise exclusively in tartanware. Production, which started in 1820, ceased in 1933 following a disastrous fire. c.1880

mauchlin, object, scales, tartan