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1535/17: A particularly fine quality and unusual fitted JEWELLERY BOX in lovely original condition. The box itself is of brass-bound rosewood (beautifully figured) and the lid opens to show nine silver-topped bottles and jars (including four scent bottles, all with their stoppers) plus a tray of tools. The upper tray lifts out to reveal a hidden leather-covered box inside which is beautifully fitted for jewellery, whilst instead of a mirror within the lid, there is another "secret" compartment, also fitted for jewellery. Complete with original Bramah key and *Hallmarked for London 1822. c.1822

box, jewellery, object, Silver


1532/17: A beautiful quality Regency period SCENT BOTTLE BOX in pristine condition. The box itself is constructed of solid rosewood finely bound with brass, with a brass military style handle to the lid and a similar handle to the drawer in the base. It opens to reveal the full set of six original glass scent bottles and stoppers, fitted within the original velvet divisions. *The drawer in the base contains an original letter, referring to it being a gift from a Wm. Williams, of Kennington, 28th August 1829. Complete with original key. Such a lovely box! 9ins (23cms) wide. c.1829

box, object, Regency, scent


1531/17: A large and fully-fitted BOX OF DRAWING INSTRUMENTS by Stanley of Holborn, London. The honey-oak box, with a vacant brass cartouche to the lid, opens to show the upper tray full of a wide variety of drawing instruments and tools. This lifts out to reveal the compartment below with various additional items including rulers; protractors; fretwork drawing templates etc., Very good quality and signed within the lid and to many of the implements. 14.5ins (37cms) wide. c.1900

box, drawing, object, tools


1530/17: A large solid SILVER SALVER, with "piecrust" edge and supported on three cast 'hoof' feet. 14ins (35.5cms) wide. Hallmarked for Birmingham 1932 c.1932

object, salver, Silver, tray


1528/17: A good Austrian "Vienna" cold-painted BRONZE which depicts an Arab leading his camel. He wears traditional robes and is carrying a rifle, whilst the camel is saddled with striped blankets underneath. The original paintwork is in excellent condition. A good size: 16cms wide and 12cms high. c.1890

Austrian, bronze, object, Vienna


1525/17: An impressive and large set of FOUR early 20th century Art Deco period BRONZE SCULPTURES, representing the four Seasons. Apparently unsigned, but probably Italian and perhaps in the style of Palozzi, these striking bronzes have a charm and presence of their own. Each measures 24ins (61cms) high and can presumably be displayed either outside or indoors. Priced for the set of four. c.1920

bronze, Italian, object, sculpture


1524/17: A charming late 19th century Austrian "Vienna" cold-painted BRONZE DUCK. Retaining most of its original paintwork, and raised on a turned oak base, this pretty bronze is a model we have not seen before. ~ and is likely to raise a smile, such is its charm! 10cms wide; 11 cms high. c.1880

Austrian, bronze, duck, object, Vienna


1521/17: A good set of FOUR early 19th century Old Sheffield Plate ENTRE DISHES in excellent original condition. Rare to find an original set of four (they are numbered 1 to 4 underneath) each dish has a removable handle, allowing the lid to be used as a further dish if required. They feature beautifully cast leaf-and-shell borders to both lids and bases and all are engraved with a Coat-of-Arms to one side and an Armorial Crest to the other. A very special set. 14ins x 10.5ins (35 x 27cms) Priced for the set of four. c.1820

dishes, object, Sheffield, Silver


1519/17: A fine quality late 18th century satinwood TEA CADDY of elongated octagonal shape. Veneered overall in satinwood, this pretty caddy is inlaid with an oval "batswing" panel to the lid, with marquetry columns on green-stained harewood backgrounds flanking the front which also features a "batswing" panel. It is crossbanded in rosewood whilst the lid opens to reveal some of the original lead lining. A desirbale little caddy. c.1790

18thcentury, Caddy, object, tea


1518/17: An excellent brass-bound kingwood WRITING BOX by the famous makers: Wells & Lambe of Cockspur St. London. The superb figured case is bound in brass, with recessed handles to either side and cartouche to the lid. It opens to reveal the original gilt-tooled morocco leather writing surface, with a kingwood pen tray; pair of ink bottles and a large removable tray with sprung handles. There are three VERY secret drawers; a reading bar to fit to the outside; the original makers label and both original keys. *Wells & Lambe opened for business in 1809 following the marriage of John Lambe & Elizabeth Wells, and soon became famous for their fine boxes. The firm ceased trading in 1890. c.1835

box, kingwood, object, writing


1516/17: A good early 19th century cube TEA CADDY veneered overall in finely figured satinwood. Multiple banding in boxwood and tulipwood can be found on all sides and the base is inlaid with chequered 'dogs tooth' marquetry. The lid opens to reveal fine veneers to the inside, and the original inner lid with most of its original lead lining intact. A good quality caddy. (12 x 12 x 12.5cms) c.1830

Caddy, object, satinwood, tea


1515/17: A. CALENDI: a large and very impressive BRONZE SCULPTURE of a young girl. She stands naked and smiling with her left arm shielding her eyes and her right arm aloft as she stretches having just awoken, with a lionskin rug at her feet. Fine dark green patina and colour. Signed 'Calendi' to the integral bronze base. 27ins (69cms) high. *A Calendi, Italian born mid/late 19th century. c.1890

bronze, Girl, nude, object


1513/17: A good quality early 19th century cube TEA CADDY veneered overall in fine burr yew-wood. The lid and front are both inlaid with oval "batswing" paterae, whilst the edges are all finished in solid boxwood. The lid, with its axehead handle, opens to reveal an inner lid and some of the original lead lining. 12 x 11 x 9.5cms. c.1820

Caddy, object, tea, yew


1511/17: EMILE GUILLAUME: a large and highly impressive BRONZE STATUE entitled: "La Deliverance". It depicts a tall naked woman standing on a hemisphere, holding her arms aloft with a sword raised in her right hand. Signed by the artist, and the foundry (Barbedienne of Paris). Superb original patina. 37ins (94cms) high. *Emile Oscar Guillaume (born 1867) produced "La Deliverance" in 1914 as a celebration of the First Battle of the Marne when the German army was stopped before entering Paris in August that year. A 4.9metre high example is displayed in Finchley, North London. c.1914

bronze, French, nude, object


1509/17: A wonderful quality mid-Victorian fully fitted walnut GAMES COMPENDIUM complete with its full set of original Games. The figured walnut case is bound in gilt brass 'Gothic' mounts, and opens to reveal the arrangement of original ivory Chessmen; Draughts/Backgammon pieces; gilt cribbage board; set of 6 dice and ebony markers. This tray lifts out to reveal the beautiful hinged ebony Chess and Backgammon board, whilst further below are compartments for playing cards (original); ebony dice shakers; counters; pegs and so on. Lovely original condition. 12.5ins x 9.5ins x 6.5ins. (The board: 15 x 10.5ins) c.1870

backgammon, box, chess, Games, object


1506/17: A charming (and indeed rare) silver SCENT BOTTLE fashioned in the form of a 'wicker' spirit flask. Above the wickerwork upper half, the hinged lid twists to open, whilst the solid base (with its original engraved monogram) can be removed (as with a full-size spirit flask) to reveal the glass interior. Perfect condition and fully hallmarked for London 1892. 3ins high; 2ins wide. (7.65 x 5cms) c.1892

bottle, object, scent, Silver


1503/17: A beautiful late Regency/William IV rosewood SEWING BOX in fine condition and complete with its vast array of tools and implements plus a stunning selection of extras! The box itself is of well-figured rosewood inlaid with mother-of-pearl and opens to reveal its full 'formal' set of seven MOP cotton reels; set of six MOP winders; tape measure; waxer; needle cleaner; two silver thimbles and various tools, whilst the compartment below includes many extras including pin cushions (one of which is a Tunbridgeware example); winders; ivory box & cover; MOP aide memoire etc. etc. 12ins wide; 8.5 deep; 5.5ins high. (30.5 x 21.5 x 14cms) c.1835

box, object, sewing, work


1502/17: A. W. STIRLING-BROWN: an impressive and colourful PAIR of OIL PAINTINGS which depict famous thoroughbred racehorses with jockeys mounted. One is of "Spion Kop" winner of the Derby in 1920 with jockey Frank O'Neill up, whilst the other is of "Craig an Eran" who won the 2000 guineas in 1921. Both are signed and dated. Each painting measures 23ins x 19ins (58.5 x 48.25cms) which includes the frames. * A.E.D.G. Stirling-Brown was born in 1869 and was active as a fine equestrian artist from about 1896-1929. Priced for the pair. c.1920

horse, object, painting, racing


1496/17: A charming mid-Victorian solid ivory lady's ETUI or fitted NECESSAIRE in fine and complete condition. The solid ivory box with its original engraved initials to the lid, opens to reveal the full contents which include: silver-gilt handled scissors; silver thimble; stiletto; silver-gilt needle case (with original needles!) and bodkin. c.1875

etui, Ivory, object, sewing


1491/17: A pretty early 19th century inlaid TEA CADDY of cube shape. At first glance perhaps nothing special, but on closer examination, it can been seen to be inlaid on all four sides and the lid with beautiful birds (to either side); butterflies (to front and back) and with a conch shell to the lid. The quality of these marquetry panels is superb ~ all are set within figured mahogany with tulipwood crossbanding. A charming tea caddy. c.1820

Caddy, marquetry, object, tea


1488/17: A particularly fine early/mid 19th century Vizagapatam ivory CHESS AND BACKGAMMON SET in good condition. The hinged board is of sandalwood veneered with ivory and decorated with incised borders of flowers and leaves. The interior is similarly inlaid for backgammon and it is complete with its beautiful original turned ivory Chess Set and Draughts/Backgammon pieces. The board (when closed) measures: 18 x 10 x 4.5ins (46 x 25.5 x 11.5cms). *Vizagapatam is the largest city and capital of the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh. From the mid-18th century it was famous for its delightful and detailed ivory and sandalwood furniture and objects. c.1830

backgammon, chess, object, Vizagapatam


1484/17: A very good and large fully-fitted APOTHECARY'S or MEDICINE BOX in wonderful original condition. Much larger than usual, this substantial box is of solid mahogany, with recessed brass handles and opens to reveal a huge array of bottles and jars, all with good labels and some contents. The six inner drawers contain a wide variety of items including pestle & mortar; scales (2) & weights; pill roller; gorgeous corkscrew; syringes and many further bottles & jars. To the reverse is the secured secret "Poison" drawer complete with five bottles of somewhat harmful substances! Probably the best we have ever had, this measures 18ins high; 12.5 ins wide; 8.5ins deep (45.5 x 32 x 21.5cms) and it weighs a ton! c.1840

apothecary, box, doctor, medicine, object


1461/17: A. SNELL: an interesting and dated late 19th century MARINE OIL PAINTING which depicts four named warships at anchor on the Hamoaze. These are identified (left to right) as HMS "Blond"; HMS "Inconstant"; HMS "Ajax" and HMS "Forth". It is signed and dated (1899) and inscribed to the reverse: "Low Tide on the Hamoaze" together with the artist's name and address. 30ins wide and 22ins high (76 x 56cms) including the good frame. *The Hamoaze is the estuary of the River Tamar close to Plymouth c.1899

marine, object, Oil, painting


1449/17: P-J. MENE: A fine bronze sculpture by this famous 'animalier' which the artist entitled: "Chien Epagneul (Sylphie) No. 69". This lively and highly competent sculpture depicts the Irish Setter about to flush out his bird from amongst the detailed foliage. Fully signed by both the artist and the foundry (Susse Freres of Paris). 12ins long; 9ins high and 5ins deep. (30.5 x 23 x63.5cms) *Pierre-Jules MENE (1810-1871) was probably the most famous and prolific 'animalier' of his day. He developed his passion and natural talent as an animal sculptor from an early age, and in due course won numerous medals for his work. c.1860

animalier, bronze, dog, Mene, object


1423/17: Franz Xavier BERGMANN: a large and most impressive "Vienna" COLD-PAINTED BRONZE of an eagle alighting on a rock. The bird is depicted with wings fully outstretched in a realistic and animated style, typical of Bergmann's work. All of the original detailed paintwork is intact, and it is fully signed ("B" in an urn) and numbered underneath. It's large: 15ins wide and 12ins high. (38 x 30.5cms). *Bergmann, originally a fine metal worker, inherited the Vienna foundry from his father in 1860. His work is recognised for its great attention to detail and wonderful vibrant colours. c.1880

Austrian, Bergmann, bronze, object, Vienna


1416/17: ANONYMOUS: an interesting and somewhat speculative Continental OIL PAINTING on panel possibly after the 17th century Dutch painter Johannes Lingelbach. This well-composed view depicts various figures and livestock on the grassy banks of a rural harbour, with sailing vessels moored behind, some flying the Dutch flag. A church tower can be seen on the left with hills behind. Good condition. 22 x 18ins including the frame. (56 x 45.5cms) c.1800

Dutch, marine, object, Oil, painting


1411/17: M.M.JACOBI: an attractive and well composed MARINE OIL PAINTING on canvas depicting a busy seascape in the Channel. A Dutch barge can be seen in the foreground with a British Man o' War behind, flying the white ensign. Signed (lower left corner) and inscribed on the back: "Portsmouth Harbour". 29ins wide; 21ins high including the frame. (73.5 x 53cms) c.1885

marine, object, Oil, painting


1400/17: An attractive late 18th/early 19th century Sheraton period TEA CADDY of elongated octagonal shape. Veneered overall in figured sycamore (or perhaps fiddle-back mahogany) it is inlaid with pretty oval panels of English flowers to the lid and three front panels. It opens to reveal a divided interior and the original lead lining. 7.5ins wide; 5ins high; 4.25ins deep (19 x 13 x 11cms) c.1800

Caddy, object, Sheraton, tea


1394/17: Emile PICAULT: a very fine pair of 19th century BRONZE FIGURES entitled "Archer" and "Esrholier" (perhaps Night Watchman?). Each figure is beautifully modelled and finely cast with extraordinary attention to detail. The archer stands attending to his bow, whilst the Esrholier wears a sword and carries a lamp. Both wear feathered caps and stand 14.5ins (37cms) high. Signed to the base and inscribed with their titles. *Emile PICAULT (1833-1915) a highly regarded sculptor known for his allegorical and patriotic subjects and also mythological heroes. He regularly exhibited during the period 1863-1909. c.1890

bronze, French, object, Picault


1392/17: A charming and quite large OIL PAINTING on canvas in the manner of A.H. Vickers. This bright cheerful landscape depicts a Continental scene with boats full of sailors on a wide river and a church on the banks, with various buildings nestling amongst the gentle hills behind. Excellent condition; dimensions: 42ins x 28ins (107 x 71cms) including the swept gilded frame. *A.H. Vickers (fl 1853-1907) painted landscapes both in England and on the Rhine. c.1875

object, Oil, painting, Vickers


1387/17: CECIL VERNON (British, early 20th century): an impressive and attractive set of FOUR original WATERCOLOURS from the Edwardian period, which delightfully depict various hunting scenes. Entitled: "The Meet"; "Hounds Moving off to Draw"; "Full Cry" and "Run to Earth", all are signed and all are in superb condition. Complete with their original gilded frames and inner slip frames. and all are identically sized: 18 x 15ins (45.75 x 38cms). Priced for the set of FOUR. c.1910

Edwadian, Hunting, object, watercolour


1377/17: A charming 18th century NEEDLEWORK PICTURE which depicts a typical religious scene of the period: Elijah the Prophet is seated in a garden, on the banks of a lake, surrounded by trees; shrubs and flowers with various animals in attendance which include: birds; a stag; and two ducks. Fine condition and good vibrant colours. 18 x 15ins (45.5 x 38cms) including the good modern frame. c.1780

18thcentury, needlework, object, stumpwork


1371/17: Houdon: a good large BRONZE SCULPTURE of "Diana the Huntress". Of impressive size, she stands naked with bow in her left hand and an arrow in her right. Signed to the integral base. 24.5ins (62cms) high. *Jean-Antoine HOUDON was a noted French sculptor, particularly of classical figures, who won many prizes for his work. He was born in Versailles in 1741 and died aged 87 years in 1828. c.1850

bronze, Houdon, naked, object


1335/16: GILLOWS of LANCASTER: a fine quality figured mahogany DRESSING MIRROR in lovely condition. The original mirror plate is framed within a cushion moulding and is finely panelled in solid mahogany to the back. It is supported on shaped and reeded uprights which stand upon the beautifully-figured shaped "flame" mahogany base, with its beaded decoration and stands upon four melon-carved feet. The angle of the mirror is fully adjustable and locks into place if required. 24ins (61cms) wide. c.1835

Dressing, furniture, Gillows, mirror, object


1324/16: AXEL NORDGREN: a charming landscape OIL PAINTING on canvas of an Alpine scene, probably in the Bavarian region of Southern Germany. It depicts a mountain village, with partially snow-covered peaks in the background and a figure carrying a basket walking up a path to the foreground. Signed and dated 1858. 27 x 19ins (68.5 x 48cms) including the frame. *Axel Wilhelm NORDGREN was born in Sweden in 1828 and later studied art in Dusseldorf, where in remained for the rest of his life. He died in 1888. c.1858

Alpine, object, Oil, painting


1305/16: A fine large & handsome early 19th century brass-inlaid LADY'S DRESSING & JEWELLERY BOX. The box itself is veneered in rosewood and profusely inlaid with brass scrollwork, with recessed handles to both sides. The beautifully fitted interior features a total of 15 bottles and jars, all with silver plated lids, which include various sizes of scent bottles; jars; ink bottle etc and a tray of tools and implements. Under the tool tray is a fitted compartment for jewellery and below is a large tray; a further compartment and a good easel mirror can be found within the lid. 16ins wide; 10.5ins deep; 7ins high (40.5 x 26.5 x 18cms). c.1830

box, case, Dressing, jewellery, object


1304/16: A good quality mid-Victorian GAMES COMPENDIUM complete with its full set of original contents. The box itself is veneered in coromandel wood and embellished with fine Gothic style brass mounts which are inset with "Tiger's Eye" cabochon stones. It opens to reveal the contents which include: engraved gilded oval bezique and whist boards; draughts pieces; bone shakers; ebony & ivory trick markers; full set of six dice and eight pegs and three packs of cards together with rule books and bezique scoreboards etc. 12ins wide; 9.5ins deep; 4.5ins high (30.5 x 24 x 11.5cms) c.1870

box, compendium, Games, object


1269/16: A good quality and quite large freestanding TERRESTRIAL GLOBE of German manufacture and in good condition. The globe itself revolves, whilst the maps are clear and well coloured (details in German) and is about 12ins diameter. It is supported on a turned oak stand which is fitted with a small compass. 25ins (63.5cms) high overall. Probably Art Deco period... c.1930

globe, object, terrestrial


1252/16: Anonymous (perhaps in the style of Sir Edwin Landseer 1802-1873!): a charming and well painted Victorian period OIL PAINTING ON CANVAS depicting a young couple feeding their grey a last meal before nightfall, perhaps outside a Public House. Their three dogs are in attendance with an English lane disappearing into the distance behind. 19ins high; 16ins wide including the frame. (49 x 40.5cms) c.1860

Landseer, object, Oil, painting


1242/16: BERNARD GRIBBLE: A good marine OIL PAINTING on BOARD, typical of this accomplished and well-regarded British artist. Entitled (to a label on the reverse): "British Brig chasing Algerian Corsairs" this interesting painting is in good condition and with its original frame. 27ins x 21ins including the frame 68.5 x 53cms) *Bernard Gribble was born in Chelsea in 1872 and lived much of life in Poole, Dorset. He painted some landscapes and portraits but he is best known for his maritime scenes. It was once suggested that he had "...painted almost every historical event that took place on water...". He exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy and the Paris Salon. His work was widely sought-after and Franklin Roosevelt was one of many celebrity owners. He died in 1962. c.1920

marine, object, Oil, painting


1210/16: S. J. Nash: A well executed WATERCOLOUR which depicts Canterbury Cathedral. Beautifully designed and complete with modern frame and mount, it is signed lower right. 20ins x 18ins. (51 x 45.5cms). * S.J. ("Toby" Nash was a painter local to the Canterbury area who enjoyed his drink and often painted in lieu of payment. He was also a violin teacher. c.1930

object, painting, watercolour


1122/16: "The Kiss" ~ a finely cast and gilded BRONZE SCULPTURE of a young couple embracing, both classically dressed. This charming bronze is raised on an integral gilt bronze socle base and supported on its original rouge antico marble base.About 6ins (15.25cms) high overall. c.1880

bronze, French, gilt, object


939/15: A pretty PAIR of mid-19th century BRONZE FIGURES each depicting putti and standing on their original mustard-coloured Sienna Marble bases. One figure stands hand on hip, holding a sheaf of corn, whilst the other carries a bunch of garages tied to a stick and with a sickle in his right hand. Probably French, the largest stands 8ins (20cms) tall. Priced for the pair. c.1850

19thcentury, bronze, figures, French, object


876/15: A fine quality and very decorative early 19th century gilded CONVEX MIRROR in good condition. Surmounted by a carved and gilded eagle perched upon a central shell motif and flanked by carved gilded acanthus leaves, the convex mirror is set within the deeply moulded concave frame, with Vitruvian scroll decoration to the outside edge and an inner ebonised slip frame. Below are the original gilt hinged candle-holders, set to a central tablet with 'grill' decoration and with the original cut glass candle sconces. Overall height 43ins (109cms) c.1810

convex, furniture, giltwood, mirror, object, Regency