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1712/18: A large and excellent quality mid-Victorian DECANTER BOX complete with its full set of four original cut-glass decanters and stoppers. The box is of solid mahogany, beautifully carved with flowers, leaves and Vitruvian scrollwork and opens to reveal the fitted interior with compartments to safely hold the large and original decanters. 12ins (30.5cms) high. c.1880

box, decanters, object, tantalus


1698/18: A lovely quality (and quite early as these boxes go) fitted DECANTER BOX in excellent condition. The good case is constructed of solid mahogany which is bound in brass with a recessed brass military-style handle inset into the lid. It opens to reveal the full set of four cut-glass decanters of rather unusual and attractive design. All these are original and in perfect condition and the box is complete with its good original working lock and key. (Wine labels modern). 8.25ins (21cms) high. c.1825

box, decanters, object, Oil, painting, portrait, tantalus


1583/17: A very fine quality plated and gilded 3-BOTTLE TANTALUS, complete with its three original cut-glass decanters. Invented by Betjemann (signed and stamped accordingly) this heavy tantalus features a cast nickel-plated handle and applied gilt initials to the top. It is lined in plush red velvet and the three decanters are all in perfect condition. Complete with original gilded key. 13.5ins long; 12ins high; 6.5ins deep. (34.25 x 30.5 x 16.5cms) c.1880

Betjmann, decanters, object, tantalus