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1811/18: Josep Dunyach (Spanish 1886-1957): a thoroughly charming BRONZE FIGURE of a young girl walking with her dog. She wears a simple "shift" dress, with her hair tied in pigtails, as she walks barefoot with her pet greyhound leaping playfully beside her. Beautifully modelled and finely cast, it is signed within the integral base. 20.5ins (52cms) high. *Joseph DUNYACH was born in Spain in 1886 and became a highly regarded contemporary of both Pablo Picasso and Antoni Gaudi. At least one of his larger monumental works is displayed in the City of Barcelona. c.1910

bronze, girl, object, Spain


1805/18: A fine BRONZE SCULPTURE by the French artist Adrien Guadez entitled: "Le Devoir". The young man, dressed in s simple animal skin, holds a sword in his right hand whilst his left hand rests on a plough. (Le Devoir means: "The Duty") Signed within the bronze base with an additional applied plaque to the front. 18ins high. * Adrien Etienne GUADEZ was born in Lyon in 1845 and worked almost exclusively in bronze. He became known for his patriotic, sometimes monumental figures, whilst his later work seemed to be influenced by the Art Nouveau movement. He died in 1902. c.1865

bronze, Gaudez, object


1801/18: HENRI CHAPU: a charming French bronze sculpture of Joan of Arc depicted unusually as a young (and beautiful) woman of the "people" rather than the traditional armour-plated warrior with sword in hand! She is attired in a simple short-sleeve dress with a scarf around her hair, as she sits resting on her haunches with her hands clasped in front. Signed by the artist and also: F. Barbedienne, Fondeur. *Henri Chapu was born in Le Mee-sur-Seine, in 1833 and trained as a tapestry maker. A four-year visit to Italy resulted in his winning the Prix de Rome in 1855 and great success followed as a sculptor. He died in 1891. c.1865

bronze, Girl, object, sculpture


1795/18: A good quality and quite large late 19th century Austrian "Vienna" BRONZE RACEHORSE in good original condition. Unsigned, the original cold-painted finish is in fine condition with only very minor paint chipping here-and-there, whilst the casting is excellent with fine detailing. 9.5ins long; 8ins high. (24 x 20.5cms) c.1880

Austrian, bronze, object, Vienna


1785/18: EMILE BOYER: a fine PAIR of BRONZE FIGURES of particularly good quality which depict: "Harvest from the Land" (the girl carrying a grapevine) and "Harvest from the Sea" (the fishergirl carrying a net over her shoulder and fish in her left hand). The detail to be found on these figures is superb; both are signed within the bases, and both are mounted on turned socle bases. Wonderful warm patina. Measurements: 15.5 and 14.5ins (39.5 and 37cms) overall. *Emile Boyer was a multi-talented French artist who was born in 1877 and died in 1948. (Priced for the pair) c.1900

bronze, figures, object, sculpture


1773/18: P.J.MENE: a very fine mid/late 19th century 'ANIMALIER' BRONZE by this most famous French sculptor. Entitled: "Chasse a la Perdrix" this is perhaps Mene's best known of his dog groups, featuring his setter "Sylphie" and his pointer "Tac". It depicts the two dogs flushing out a partridge which an be seen in the lower left corner. First seen in 1847 and cast during the third quarter of the century, this is fully illustrated and described in "Animals in Bronze" by Christopher Payne, page 206. 16ins (41cms) wide. Fully signed within the base. *Pierre Jules Mene (1810-1871) was born and died in Paris. He was the most successful and prolific 'animalier' of his day winning many prizes including 2 First Class medals at the London Exhibitions of 1855 and 1861. c.1860

bronze, dog, Mene, object


1711/18: EUGENE MARIOTON: a large and most impressive gilt BRONZE SCULPTURE of "Victory". Measuring 24ins (63cms) high overall she is depicted as a winged young woman, dancing with arms outstretched. She wears a stylised helmet and flowing dress and is mounted on an integral gilt bronze base. Good original gilding and fine patina. Signed: "Eug Marioton" and with stamp for the foundry: E. Colins et Cie, Paris. 24ins (63cms) high * Eugene MARIOTON (1854-1933) enjoyed a long and very successful career as a sculptor specialising in large impressive heroic figures. c.1890

bronze, French, Marioton, object


1709/18: Hand MULLERr: a fine bronze figural group of a huntsman and his dog. He stands, wearing boots; his "Plus Twos" and a jaunty Alpine hat, holding his shotgun, whilst his retriever is poised at his feet. Signed to the integral base: H. Muller. 17ins (43cms) high. * Hans MULLER was born in Vienna in 1873 and became well known, particularly for his portraits and busts. However he also produced a few animals, mainly hunting dogs. He died in 1937. c.1900

Austrian, bronze, Hunting, object


1690/18: BERGMANN: a good large and well cast "Vienna" BRONZE HORSE in excellent condition and retaining virtually all of its original paintwork. Complete with its full set of reins, saddle and pair of stirrups, this 'Hunter' stands alert and ready for action! The Bergmann trademark ("B" in an urn) is stamped underneath; the number 3125 and the word "Geschutzt" (Copyright). 9ins wide; 7.5ins high. * Franz Xaver Bergman (born 1861) was the owner of the most famous foundry in Vienna which produced finely cast and beautifully painted bronze figures, especially animals. Noted for the realism in the finished product, created by multiple applications of "dust" paint, the recipe for which is now lost. The foundry finally closed in 1930 due to the Depression. c.1890

bronze, coldpainted, object, Vienna


1687/18: A very pretty mid/late 19th century Japanese BRONZE VASE of the Meiji period. Of slender and elegant shape, it features a splendid cockerel perched on a prunus branch with copper, silver and gold inlay of the finest quality. Engraved signature to the body. 7.25ins (18.5cms) high. c.1865

bronze, Japanese, object, vase


1599/17: Van Der Straeten: a charming Art Nouveau period BRONZE BUST of compact size, depicting a young lady who smiles broadly, her hair tied up with a scarf. She wears her dress in a 'decolletage' style ~ the popular fashion of the day. Mounted on a shaped onyx base and signed both by the artist and the foundry. 8ins high; 4.5ins wide; 3.5ins deep. (20 x 11.5 x 9cms) *Georges Van Der Straeten was born in Ghent in 1856 and died in 1941. He moved to Paris in 1885 and represents the Belle Epoque period (1871-1914), becoming famous for his busts of young women. This one he called "Felicia". c.1890

ArtNouveau, bronze, object, woman


1597/17: INJALBERT: a charming small late 19th century French BRONZE SCULPTURE. Mounted on a shaped onyx base, this pretty bronze is gilded and depicts a laughing girl as she looks happily to her left at something that has caught her eye. Signed by the artist and also with the foundry( Siot of Paris). 5ins high; 3.5ins wide; 3ins high (12.7 x 9 x 7.5cms). *Jean Antoine INJALBERT was a much decorated French sculptor. Born in 1845, the son of a stonemason, he was awarded the Legion d'honneur in 1900 and Commander in 1910. He died in 1933 having been Chief Instructor at the Ecole des Beaux Arts for many years. c.1890

bronze, French, Girl, object


1576/17: An amusing (and rare) late 19th century Austrian cold-painted BRONZE ELEPHANT in good original condition. He is portrayed with his trunk raised playfully and is complete with his original polished ivory tusks and original paintwork. Apparently unmarked but clearly a genuine Vienna cold-painted bronze. 6.5ins long; 4.25ins high; 2.5ins deep (16.5 x 10.8 x 6.5cms) c.1880

Austrian, bronze, elephant, object


1525/17: An impressive and large set of FOUR early 20th century Art Deco period BRONZE SCULPTURES, representing the four Seasons. Apparently unsigned, but probably Italian and perhaps in the style of Palozzi, these striking bronzes have a charm and presence of their own. Each measures 24ins (61cms) high and can presumably be displayed either outside or indoors. Priced for the set of four. c.1920

bronze, Italian, object, sculpture