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1535/17: A particularly fine quality and unusual fitted JEWELLERY BOX in lovely original condition. The box itself is of brass-bound rosewood (beautifully figured) and the lid opens to show nine silver-topped bottles and jars (including four scent bottles, all with their stoppers) plus a tray of tools. The upper tray lifts out to reveal a hidden leather-covered box inside which is beautifully fitted for jewellery, whilst instead of a mirror within the lid, there is another "secret" compartment, also fitted for jewellery. Complete with original Bramah key and *Hallmarked for London 1822. c.1822

box, jewellery, object, Silver


1532/17: A beautiful quality Regency period SCENT BOTTLE BOX in pristine condition. The box itself is constructed of solid rosewood finely bound with brass, with a brass military style handle to the lid and a similar handle to the drawer in the base. It opens to reveal the full set of six original glass scent bottles and stoppers, fitted within the original velvet divisions. *The drawer in the base contains an original letter, referring to it being a gift from a Wm. Williams, of Kennington, 28th August 1829. Complete with original key. Such a lovely box! 9ins (23cms) wide. c.1829

box, object, Regency, scent


1531/17: A large and fully-fitted BOX OF DRAWING INSTRUMENTS by Stanley of Holborn, London. The honey-oak box, with a vacant brass cartouche to the lid, opens to show the upper tray full of a wide variety of drawing instruments and tools. This lifts out to reveal the compartment below with various additional items including rulers; protractors; fretwork drawing templates etc., Very good quality and signed within the lid and to many of the implements. 14.5ins (37cms) wide. c.1900

box, drawing, object, tools


1518/17: An excellent brass-bound kingwood WRITING BOX by the famous makers: Wells & Lambe of Cockspur St. London. The superb figured case is bound in brass, with recessed handles to either side and cartouche to the lid. It opens to reveal the original gilt-tooled morocco leather writing surface, with a kingwood pen tray; pair of ink bottles and a large removable tray with sprung handles. There are three VERY secret drawers; a reading bar to fit to the outside; the original makers label and both original keys. *Wells & Lambe opened for business in 1809 following the marriage of John Lambe & Elizabeth Wells, and soon became famous for their fine boxes. The firm ceased trading in 1890. c.1835

box, kingwood, object, writing


1509/17: A wonderful quality mid-Victorian fully fitted walnut GAMES COMPENDIUM complete with its full set of original Games. The figured walnut case is bound in gilt brass 'Gothic' mounts, and opens to reveal the arrangement of original ivory Chessmen; Draughts/Backgammon pieces; gilt cribbage board; set of 6 dice and ebony markers. This tray lifts out to reveal the beautiful hinged ebony Chess and Backgammon board, whilst further below are compartments for playing cards (original); ebony dice shakers; counters; pegs and so on. Lovely original condition. 12.5ins x 9.5ins x 6.5ins. (The board: 15 x 10.5ins) c.1870

backgammon, box, chess, Games, object


1503/17: A beautiful late Regency/William IV rosewood SEWING BOX in fine condition and complete with its vast array of tools and implements plus a stunning selection of extras! The box itself is of well-figured rosewood inlaid with mother-of-pearl and opens to reveal its full 'formal' set of seven MOP cotton reels; set of six MOP winders; tape measure; waxer; needle cleaner; two silver thimbles and various tools, whilst the compartment below includes many extras including pin cushions (one of which is a Tunbridgeware example); winders; ivory box & cover; MOP aide memoire etc. etc. 12ins wide; 8.5 deep; 5.5ins high. (30.5 x 21.5 x 14cms) c.1835

box, object, sewing, work


1484/17: A very good and large fully-fitted APOTHECARY'S or MEDICINE BOX in wonderful original condition. Much larger than usual, this substantial box is of solid mahogany, with recessed brass handles and opens to reveal a huge array of bottles and jars, all with good labels and some contents. The six inner drawers contain a wide variety of items including pestle & mortar; scales (2) & weights; pill roller; gorgeous corkscrew; syringes and many further bottles & jars. To the reverse is the secured secret "Poison" drawer complete with five bottles of somewhat harmful substances! Probably the best we have ever had, this measures 18ins high; 12.5 ins wide; 8.5ins deep (45.5 x 32 x 21.5cms) and it weighs a ton! c.1840

apothecary, box, doctor, medicine, object


1305/16: A fine large & handsome early 19th century brass-inlaid LADY'S DRESSING & JEWELLERY BOX. The box itself is veneered in rosewood and profusely inlaid with brass scrollwork, with recessed handles to both sides. The beautifully fitted interior features a total of 15 bottles and jars, all with silver plated lids, which include various sizes of scent bottles; jars; ink bottle etc and a tray of tools and implements. Under the tool tray is a fitted compartment for jewellery and below is a large tray; a further compartment and a good easel mirror can be found within the lid. 16ins wide; 10.5ins deep; 7ins high (40.5 x 26.5 x 18cms). c.1830

box, case, Dressing, jewellery, object


1304/16: A good quality mid-Victorian GAMES COMPENDIUM complete with its full set of original contents. The box itself is veneered in coromandel wood and embellished with fine Gothic style brass mounts which are inset with "Tiger's Eye" cabochon stones. It opens to reveal the contents which include: engraved gilded oval bezique and whist boards; draughts pieces; bone shakers; ebony & ivory trick markers; full set of six dice and eight pegs and three packs of cards together with rule books and bezique scoreboards etc. 12ins wide; 9.5ins deep; 4.5ins high (30.5 x 24 x 11.5cms) c.1870

box, compendium, Games, object