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2063/19: A truly superb quality Victorian brass-bound coromandel-wood WRITING BOX by Betjemann. This beautifully figured box is bound with ornate “Gothic” brass strap-work to all four sides and the lid, with cast handles to the sides, and opens to reveal the rich interior with various features and fittings including: ~ a hinged stationery compartment in the lid; ~ Pair of silver topped ink bottles (London 1882); ~ Velvet-lined ebony pen-and-pencil tray; ~ Three porcelain re-usable writing tablets; ~ Original gilt-tooled velvet writing surfaces; ~ and finely engraved hinges and catches. It is lined throughout with beautifully-figured satinwood and it comes complete with its original gilded ornate key. A truly remarkable writing box of the highest quality! 14ins (35.5cms) wide. c.1880

Betjmann, box, object, writing


2061/19: A spectacular William IVth or early Victorian fitted SEWING BOX. The box is of coromandel-wood, profusely inlaid with two figures; birds; scrolls and leaves; in brass, mother-of-pearl and abalone with its original solid coromandel ring handles to either side. The lid opens to reveal a beautifully-fitted interior with set of seven silver cotton reels and matching silver tape measure; needle cleaner and waxer. Other equipment includes: pretty scissors; pair of silver thimbles; set of four MOP winders and other tools. Lovely condition. 13ins wide;9ins deep; 6.5ins high. (33x23x16.5cms) c.1835

box, object, sewing, Silver


2058/19: A really good mid-19th century marquetry Tunbridgeware WRITING SLOPE in particularly fine original condition. The sloping lid features a rare marquetry scene of Dover Castle within a border of oak leaves. It opens fore-and-aft to reveal the original red velvet writing surface and a pair of inkwells both with original Tunbridge tops together with concave pen section and a lidded compartment with a Tunbridgeware lid. The quality of the marquetry in this box is astonishing. 12.25ins (31cms) wide. *Tunbridge-ware is a form of decorative woodwork, typically boxes, that was made in the spa town of Tunbridge Wells in the 18th/19th centuries. The decorationconsists of a mosaic of many very small pieces of different coloured woods to form a pictorial vignette. c.1865

box, object, Tunbridge, writing


2055/19: A good early 19th century APOTHECARY’S CABINET of the most desirable front-opening design. Constructed of solid mahogany with a recessed brass military-style handle to the top, it opens to reveal the full set of 16 bottles, all with labels and some with original contents. The two small drawers to the centre open to reveal pestle & mortar; further bottles & contents; brass scales & weights; pallet knife etc., whilst to the back is the “secret” poison compartment, with sliding door with four bottles of various poisons! A fine example of pretty compact size. 10.5ins high; 9ins wide; 7.25ins deep (26.5x23x19cms) c.1840

apothecary, box, medicine, object


2052/19: A fine quality and substantial late Victorian STATIONERY CABINET in excellent condition. Veneered overall in rose- wood, with marquetry inlay of classical motifs to the front and the lid it features heavy brass carrying handles to the sides and opens to reveal the stunning satinwood-lined interior with various shaped compartments and polished brass fittings. These include leather-lined drawers; the original gilt-tooled leather writing surface; pair of brass-topped ink bottles and a large inner hinged storage compartment. A particularly fine and impressive cabinet! c.1885

box, object, stationery, writing


2045/19: A particularly fine quality and highly decorative mid-19th century French DECANTER BOX, beautifully veneered in thuya wood and inlaid with marquetry brass, ebony, kingwood and bone paterae to the top and hinged front. The lid opens to reveal the lift-out frame which contains four coloured and cut-glass decanters and set of sixteen ‘aperitif’ glasses, all of which are in perfect condition. Lovely quality and rare in such perfect condition. 13 x 9 x 11ins high. (33 x 23 x 28cms) c.1870

box, decanters, Glass, object


2028/19: A spectacular mid-19th century LADY’S DRESSING & JEWELLERY CASE in fine condition. The box itself is veneered in red tortoiseshell and inlaid with engraved brass ~ a process known as “boulle”. The lid opens to reveal the superbly fitted interior with its complete full set of nine silver-gilt topped jars and scent bottles which are arranged around a central pad of tools and implements including a silver pencil etc. Within the base is a fitted jewellery drawer and the whole box is lined in fine gilt-tooled red morocco leather. Silver is hallmarked for London 1845. Measurements: 13 x 10 x 7ins. *The beautiful scissors, although very fine, are not original, nor is the matching mother-of-pearl handled penknife ~ hence the "friendly" price! c.1851

box, Dressing, jewellery, Silver


2026/19: A charming and rare mid-19th century French “Palais Royale” MUSICAL JEWELLERY BOX in perfect working order. Of sarcophagus shape, it is beautifully veneered in rare highly-figured mulberry wood, and inset to the shaped lid with cut steel-work in typical "Palais Royale" manner with an ornate cast bronze handle. When opened, it reveals the cream silk-lined interior and plays three tunes automatically. 7.5 x 5 x 4ins (19 x 12.75 x 10cms) * Palais Royale is a former palace in the centre of Paris which became the most fashionable and famous arcade in all France, selling the finest and most desirable luxuries to wealthy Parisians. c.1860

box, jewellery, musical, object, Palais, Royale


2016/19: A delightful late 19th century fitted BOX of DRAWING INSTRUMENTS. The solid figured walnut case opens to reveal the fully fitted interior with various dividers; compasses etc., whilst within the lid is the original ivory ruler (signed by the maker: Grayson of Banner St. London) and the original parallel rule. Good condition. 6ins (15.25cms) wide. c.1890

box, drawing, instruments, object


2004/19: A rare and intriguing Edwardian period BOX of MEDICAL SUPPLIES in mint (unused) condition. Retailed by the Army & Navy Stores it contains its full set of fourteen unopened glass labelled bottles of pills within the lid, and a large number of other items in the base, including bandages; surgical needles; plasters; tourniquet; hypodermic etc., plus an interesting illustrated First Aid Booklet and many other items. *An engraved brass label to the lid indicates the owner was T. E. Baring of The Rifle Brigade, whilst to the front is an embossed label for the retailers. 11ins wide; 7.5ins deep; 3.5ins high. c.1910

apothecary, box, medical, object


1988/19: A good late 19th century Swiss MUSIC BOX playing a total of TEN different tunes. The case is of ebonised walnut, veneered with rosewood and inlaid to the lid with marquetry flowers. This opens to reveal the movement in fine restored condition; the comb with all teeth intact, whilst the original tune sheet is intact, now 'laminated' to protect it. 22.5ins wide overall; the cylinder 13ins wide (57 x 33cms) c.1880

box, Music, object, Swiss


1977/19: A very fine PAIR of George III mahogany KNIFE or CUTLERY BOXES in very good original condition. Constructed of finely figured timber, the sloping tops and serpentine fronts are particularly well veneered in "flame" mahogany with Old Sheffield Plate handles and escutcheons. The lids open to reveal the original fitted interiors, capable of storing 12 place settings, with fine boxwood and chequered string inlays to the divisions. The colour and original patina are exceptional. Each box measures: 8.5ins wide; 14ins high and 10ins deep. (21.5 x 35.5 x 25.5cms) Priced for the Pair.... c.1790

Boxes, cutlery, Knife, object


1889/18: An impressive and most unusual late 19th century DOMESTIC POSTBOX ideal perhaps for a hotel foyer. Constructed of solid mahogany with an aperture to the sloping top for letters, it features an interesting marquetry panelled front door depicting a scene of a farmhouse within a rural setting of trees etc., very much in the Art Nouveau style of Galle. This door opens to reveal a shelved interior and it is set on a double plinth base. 42ins (107cms) high. c.1900

ArtNouveau, box, furniture, post


1812/18: A pretty early Victorian solid silver SNUFF BOX in fine original crisp condition. Decorated with engine turning and reeding with a cast flower border, it opens to reveal its good fire-gilded gold interior and with hallmarks to both lid and base. The lid itself is beautifully engraved with a presentation inscription dated 1841, whilst the silver itself is dated 1840, maker Edward Smith of Birmingham. Pristine condition. 2.75ins wide. c.1840

box, object, Silver, snuff


1571/17: A good quality late 19th century SEWING BOX with a particularly fine and complete collection of beautiful sewing equipment. The box is of coromandel wood, bound with steel strapwork, and the lid opens to reveal a fine display of tools and implements all made of Mother-of-pearl. These include: set of 4 cotton-reels; tape measure; needle cleaner; pair of engraved MOP needle cases and pin cushions; set of 4 MOP winders; MOP thimble; scissors; penknife; wonderful ruler and a number of other items. Slight spotting to the 'royal' purple silk lining, but perfect in every other aspect. 11ins x 8 x 4.5ins. (28 x 20 x 11.5cms) c.1865

box, MotherofPearl, object, sewing