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1874/18: An excellent quality early/mid 19th century DEED or DOCUMENT BOX of good size. Constructed of solid well-figured mahogany, it is inlaid with brass stringing and features heavy screwed brass edges. To the centre is an engraved brass cartouche with crest and motto: "Resolve Well Persevere" with the initials WM, whilst the interior is lined in red leather with a superb original label within the lid. Complete with working key, it measures: 12.5 x 9.5 x 4.75ins (32 x 24 x 12cms). An impressive, heavy and useful box ~ perhaps for family documents; deeds etc... c.1830

box, deed, object


1872/18: A good mid-19th century Mother of Pearl SEWING BOX in splendid original condition. The entire box, with its canted gabled top and silvered cartouche, is veneered in mother-of-pearl, opening to reveal the fully fitted interior. The contents include: set of 6 MOP cotton reels, complete with original cotton; set of 6 MOP winders; Tape Measure; Needle Cleaner; pair of silver thimbles and a central pad of MOP handled tools including scissors. Within the lid is a 'wallet' (for patterns etc., and it complete with its original working key. 11 x 8.5 x 5ins. c.1860

box, MotherofPearl, object, sewing


1858/18: A truly wonderful early Victorian fully-fitted GAMES COMPENDIUM, with too many original features and contents to list fully here. Briefly: coromandel box inset with engraved brass and porcelain panel to the lid; amazing side handles; ivory chess; draughts; backgammon; markers; shakers; dice and pegs. Gilt engraved Bezique and Cribbage scoring boards; superb coromandel and ivory chess/backgammon board. Lower spring-loaded drawer with four packs of original cards (unused); dominoes; counters and other items. *This large compendium is of the very highest quality, the like of which we have not seen for many years! c.1865

box, chess, compendium, Games, object


1855/18: Here is a remarkable fully-fitted and original NAVY SURGEON'S BOX in very fine condition. The solid mahogany box (which is bound in heavy brass) is inscribed: "K.H. Jones, Surgeon RN to the central cartouche and it opens to reveal a vast array of dozens of different tools and implements, which include: +Scalpels of various sizes +3 Bone Saws +Ebony handled Trepanning Saw +Set of 6 Tooth Extractors +Set of Six 'Scissor' clamps +Silver catheters +Various lancets and many other surgical tools. A remarkable box in virtually unused condition. 17 x 8 x 4.5ins (43x20x11.5cms). Perhaps First World War? c.1915

box, medical, object, surgeon


1854/18: A fine and fully fitted early/mid-19th century mahogany APOTHECARY'S BOX (or medicine cabinet) of compact size. The solid mahogany case with its recessed military-style handle to the top, opens with twin doors to the front to display three sections of bottles, all with labels, and two drawers below with further labelled bottles; pestle & mortar; scales & weights and other medical items. To the rear is the "secret" section with four bottles of "poison" ~ all labelled but thankfully without their contents! A pretty and complete example. 10.5ins (26.75cms) high. c.1840

apothecary, box, medicine, object


1853/18: A superb quality early Victorian and finely fitted GENTLEMAN'S DRESSING CASE in excellent condition. The substantial (larger than normal) rosewood box is edged in brass with an engraved crest to the central cartouche. It opens to reveal the beautifully engraved silver-topped bottles, jars and shaving brush with razors, scissors and other tools arranged around. A large compartment below houses the brushes, and in the lid is the original mirror and document/letter pouch. Complete with its working key, the lovely silver is hallmarked for London 1850. 14 x 11 x 6.5ins (35.5x28x16.5cms) c.1850

box, Dressing, object, Silver


1851/18: An early/mid Victorian LADY'S DRESSING & JEWELLERY CASE in fine original condition. The box itself is veneered in beautifully figured coromandel wood and inlaid with brass stringing, whilst the interior is fitted with TEN hallmarked silver-topped scent bottles and jars, surrounding the central pad of tools. Below, and accessed by the spring-loaded button to the rear, is the fitted jewellery drawer, whilst within the lid is the original mirror and letter pouch. The silver is hallmarked for London 1863. 12 x 9 x 7.5ins (30.5 x 23 x 19cms) c.1863

box, Dressing, jewellery, object


1850/18: A very good and well-fitted mid-Victorian coromandel-wood WRITING BOX in excellent original condition. The beautifully-figured case with its brass edges and inlaid brass stringing opens to reveal the fitted stationery compartment (complete with original leather blotter) which slants forward when access is required. The front then folds down to reveal the original gilt-tooled purple velvet writing surface, with compartments to the rear and the superb original pair of ink bottles with engraved and gilded lids. Lined throughout in satinwood ~ this is a fine large and useful writing box. 15x10.5x7.5ins (38x26.5x19cms). c.1870

box, object, writing


1836/18: A good quality hallmarked SILVER CARD CASE in particularly good condition, probably because it retains its original leather covered and velvet-lined protection case. Beautifully engraved front and back, and with a vacant shield-shaped cartouche to the front, it is hallmarked for Birmingham 1902. c.1902

box, object, Silver


1812/18: A pretty early Victorian solid silver SNUFF BOX in fine original crisp condition. Decorated with engine turning and reeding with a cast flower border, it opens to reveal its good fire-gilded gold interior and with hallmarks to both lid and base. The lid itself is beautifully engraved with a presentation inscription dated 1841, whilst the silver itself is dated 1840, maker Edward Smith of Birmingham. Pristine condition. 2.75ins wide. c.1840

box, object, Silver, snuff


1800/18: A particularly fine quality mid-Victorian burr walnut LADY'S WRITING BOX in very good original condition. Of glorious 'warm' honey colour it is bound with ornate Gothic mounts, all of which retain their original gilding and it opens to reveal a beautifully fitted interior, with a fine pair of gilt brass topped ink bottles and various compartments for stationery. The original 'royal' purple silk velvet is in exceptional condition. *This is almost certainly a box by the firm of Betjeman, renown for their very high quality boxes. The late poet laureate, John Betjeman was a descendant. Measurements:15.5 x 10.75 x 5 inches (39.5 x 27 x 12.75cms) c.1865

box, Gothic, object, writing


1752/18: A wonderful quality and complete mid-19th century figured rosewood LADY's DRESSING CASE in pristine condition. The case is of beautifully figured timber, inlaid with brass stringing and opens to reveal the stunning interior. This comprises TEN bottles and jars, all with high quality silver tops, and a gorgeous tray of implements (some silver) to the front. Below is a removable tray for writing including silver-top ink bottles; jewellery compartments etc. with a further compartment below. Good easel mirror to the lid and document pouch with makers label for: Wells & Lambe of London. Hallmarked for London 1845. 12.5 x 9 x 5.5ins. *A very fine Dressing case indeed! c.1845

box, Dressing, object, Silver


1724/18: DUCOMMUN GIROD: a good mid- 19th century SWISS MUSIC BOX in perfect working order. The walnut box is inlaid to the lid with marquetry and boxwood stringing, and opens to reveal the movement inside which plays EIGHT pretty tunes beautifully. Both the comb and cylinder are in excellent condition, and it is complete with its original hand-written tune sheet. Signed to the end of the brass crank lever. 19ins wide; 7.5ins deep; 6ins high. (48 x 19 x 15cms) c.1865

box, Music, object, Swiss


1698/18: A lovely quality (and quite early as these boxes go) fitted DECANTER BOX in excellent condition. The good case is constructed of solid mahogany which is bound in brass with a recessed brass military-style handle inset into the lid. It opens to reveal the full set of four cut-glass decanters of rather unusual and attractive design. All these are original and in perfect condition and the box is complete with its good original working lock and key. (Wine labels modern). 8.25ins (21cms) high. c.1825

box, decanters, object, Oil, painting, portrait, tantalus


1675/18: A fine, rare and impressive early 19th century Gentleman's WRITING & DRESSING BOX in excellent condition. Made using finely figured solid mahogany and beautifully bound in brass, it features an engraved cartouche to the lid and recessed brass handles either side. It opens to reveal a conventional interior with original writing surface and pair of ink bottles. However, when the upper inside lid is opened, there is revealed a fully fitted Dressing Case interior with Old Sheffield Plate lidded bottles and jars and other items, plus additional boxes with sliding lids etc. Below the long removable pen-and-ink section at the back is the reading bar, which allows the box to be used as a reading slope. 20 x 11 x 7ins (51 x 28 x 18cms) c.1825

box, Dressing, object, writing


1571/17: A good quality late 19th century SEWING BOX with a particularly fine and complete collection of beautiful sewing equipment. The box is of coromandel wood, bound with steel strapwork, and the lid opens to reveal a fine display of tools and implements all made of Mother-of-pearl. These include: set of 4 cotton-reels; tape measure; needle cleaner; pair of engraved MOP needle cases and pin cushions; set of 4 MOP winders; MOP thimble; scissors; penknife; wonderful ruler and a number of other items. Slight spotting to the 'royal' purple silk lining, but perfect in every other aspect. 11ins x 8 x 4.5ins. (28 x 20 x 11.5cms) c.1865

box, MotherofPearl, object, sewing