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1843/18: An interesting and pretty pair of mid-19th century miniature oval ENAMEL PORTRAITS in their original carved and gilded frames. They depict a finely dressed gentleman in purple coat and wearing a ruff, whilst his companion, decolletage in a pink dress, her hair tied up. Both are shown in rural surroundings with trees and birds in the background. Both are dated 1867 on the reverse. Measurements: 17 x 15cms including the frames. c.1850

enamel, Miniature, object, portrait


1807/18: Something a little different: a small collection of five early 19th century MINIATURE PORTRAITS arranged together in one contemporary oval gilded frame. To the centre is a fine portrait of Admiral Nelson, with Lady Hamilton and perhaps Samuel Johnson as two of the other well-known figures that surround him...the remaining two are currently a mystery. All appear in fine condition, and the frame seems original. 24ins high; 21.5ins wide. *To the back is a handwritten inscription (illustrated) which has not yet been deciphered! c.1820

Miniature, Nelson, object, painting