18th century "Grandmother" clock

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1761/18: A rare and completely original 18th century "Grandmother" longcase clock in full working order. The case is of chinoiserie lacquer decorated oak, with square hood; short door and plinth base. The 8-day movement strikes hours on a bell with 2 very heavy weights. Signed: ""Bilby Dorling, St. Edmunds, Bury" (Bury St Edmunds today). It winds counter-clockwise due to an extra wheel in both trains, thus allowing the clock to run for a full 8 days despite such a short 'drop'. Just 57ins (144cms) high. *Bilby Dorling (1736-1780) apparently only one other clock survives by this maker


If you're interested in this piece and would like further information, please email me quoting the stock number.