Set Postal Scales

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1694/18: A large and impressive Victorian set of brass POSTAL SCALES complete with its full set of Brass Weights. Set upon a shaped "honey" oak base, these good scales were designed for weighing parcels (as well as letters) and come with 2 x 4lbs weights and a graduated 'pile' of ten further weights: 2-lbs down to a quarter ounce. There are two plaques to the centre which are engraved with the prices for sending parcels and letters of various sizes. 15 x 11.5 x 7ins (38 x 29 x 18cms) * A parcel weighing 9lbs in those days could be posted for the princely sum of 11d (or less than 5p today!)


If you're interested in this piece and would like further information, please email me quoting the stock number.